Innovation cannot be an afterthought! It is a core component of Cosmic Coder Solutions. We have kept ourselves on the leading edge of technology by studying bleeding edge. We focus on applying new ideas and innovative technologies to help our clients become more efficient. We work with your team enabling them to take advantage of new ways to engage technology and use it to make better decisions. We teach your team to be innovative in the way they think and the way they approach technology.

Today all businesses want to move at lightning speed to drive revenue. Our goal is to help you and your employees use modern technologies to keep the revenue stream flowing. We can help you with selecting what technologies work best for you and your business. We can help you move out of the business as usual rut.

What is Inovation?

By definition: the introduction of something new.

Is new always better?

Business Inovation

Business Innovations

Prior to 1761 humans only used fire generally in the form of a candle to spread light. In 1761 Ebenezer Kinnersley demonstrated heating a wire to incandescence.

In the years to come, many men tried to improve on the electric lightbulb. Thomas Edison began serious research into developing a practical incandescent lamp in 1878. Edison filed his first patent application for "Improvement In Electric Lights" on 14 October 1878.

Throughout entire 19th and 20th centuries men kept trying to make a better lightbulb. In 1995 Shuji Nakamura at Nichia labs invented the first blue and, with additional Phosphor, white LED. This started the LED boom.

Now we are controlling our lights with software, our cell phones.

This is innovation! If these pioneers did not take the steps to make light better, we might not have computers.

CosmicCoder Solutions did not help any of these pioneers make light. We did help individuals and business create elaborate lightshows with software known as LightShow Pro.

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System Innovations

System Innovation stresses that the flow of technology and information among people, enterprises, and institutions is key to an innovative process. It contains the interactions between the actors needed in order to turn an idea into a process, product, or service on the market.

You job as a business leader is to be innovative in the way you lead your company to make sure it is always growing.

Our job as a solutions provider is to help you select the correct technologies and applications to ensure your business does not grow stagnant.